Board of Directors

Chairman, Board of Directors

Former Councilmember
J.R. Roberts


Board duties

The Plaza Theatre restoration will require the efforts of a committed group. We are currently creating a non-profit foundation, and so our ‘Steering Committee’ is now a Board of Directors. This group is made up of community leaders who represent a wide range of interests. The group is 100% volunteer and no one is receiving any compensation.

One of the first goals of the group is to identify potential donors for various naming opportunities, including the name of the theatre itself. The board will also be asked to plan a major fundraiser with more events to come.

They will also identify options about plans on how to sustain the theatre after it is restored through endowments and community programming. Typically, box office revenue supports only half of a theatre’s operating costs. They will be tasked with developing an ongoing revenue stream to create an endowment for maintenance and operating expenses. One option may be a requirement that anyone who wants to use the theatre for programing for extended periods should contribute to it financially.


Board of Directors

Judith Blanchard

Don Cecil

Kevin Corcoran

Chris Davidson

Alan DeZon

Teddy Grouya

Mark Hamilton

Bruce Hoban

Frank Jones

Jay Jones

Geoff Kors

Gino LaMont

David C. Lee

Brian Ray

David Ready

Cindra Stolk

Rick Vila

Kathy Weremiuk