Carol Adney sees the historic Plaza Theatre as the key anchor of downtown Palm Springs, and one of the few remaining sites which recognizes the past of this growing and vital Coachella Valley. Thanks to her prized memories of unforgettable experiences of the past Palm Springs Follies and her passion for historic preservation, Carol became a significant financial support of the restoration of the Plaza Theatre. Carol’s goal is to leverage her successful experience directing a $13 Million Capital Campaign in Coachella Valley to help the Plaza Theatre realize her vision as a place for the community of residents and visitors to gather for frequent educational, cultural, and affordable activities.
Her non-profit career in visual arts involved museums, university galleries, and serving as a Cultural Affairs Supervisor for a municipality in Northern California. In that position, Carol was responsible for a National Historic Place, Falkirk Cultural Center, which is comprised of a Queen Anne mansion on an 11-acre estate. She fund raised and oversaw the planning committees for the restoration of those buildings and landscaping under the auspices of California State Office of Historic Preservation.
Ms. Adney serves on the Plaza Theatre’s committees for Fundraising and Fundraising Events.  In addition, she is a dedicated volunteer for the Palm Desert Cultural Arts Committee, many women in recovery, and the Palm Springs Art Museum.