With a 20-year career in real estate, Chris is currently a partner in Forge where he uses his extensive experience in real estate to grow the company’s portfolio in the Southern California market. Prior to joining Forge, Chris founded Map n Scale, an investment and advisory company where he has invested in or advised on over $500 million worth of transactions in the real estate, property technology, and technology industries. Before that, Chris was head of Real Estate and Private Investments for Trog Hawley Capital LLC, a private investment company, where he built the company’s real estate development division focusing on office and industrial markets and invested $100 million across the company’s real estate development projects. In addition to his career accomplishments, Chris is passionate about DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and runs a non-profit Incubator for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs called the StartOut GrowthLab. He is also a board member of Openhouse, a non-profit providing housing and assistance to underprivileged LGBTQ+ seniors in San Francisco. His focus on the Plaza Theatre Board is to use his construction skills to assist the Theatre Use and Design Programming Committee providing the best restoration possible of the theatre.